Welcome to Sergio's Landscaping - Phoenix Maintenance Services Sergio’s Landscaping has extensive experience in all aspects of landscaping. Our maintenance specialists provide our clients with only the highest and safest standards of services. We aim to enhance your outdoor space and complement your home or office area. Our designs can incorporate all aspects of your landscaping needs. Landscape Services Phoenix / Landscape Maintenance Phoenix Aside from our Rock and Sod Installation, Fertilizing, Weed Control, Winterization, Tree Pruning and Removal, and Bush Trimming and Hauling services, we provide various other lawn and landscaping maintenance services. For lawns, we can do such as mowing, weedeating, edging, clipping and debris removal, leaf removal, pH level testing and maintenance, counteracting soil acidity, and lime application. For landscaping, we can do mulching, flower planting and maintenance of flowerbeds, and the weeding and cleaning, and repair or replacement worn out materials on your hardscapes. If you have a problem with your lawn, we can diagnose it for you, and develop a special plan based on your lawn or landscape needs to get your grass healthy again. We can keep your landscape disease and weed free. If your landscape condition is serious, we offer custom service options. to you get to the root of the problem. Feel free to get in touch with us to go over your ideas. Read on through our other pages to learn a bit more about all the Phoenix landscape maintenance services that we consider our specialties. The process of renovation and beautification can be pretty daunting and challenging to achieve especially when you want to come up with an entirely different look to your property. If you want to spruce up or improve how your place looks, there is a necessity to consider the entirety of your property. Even if your house has a really excellent design, it wouldn’t look as good as when you have a yard that doesn’t complement the place. Thus, you need to have yard services that will do wonders for your whole place in Phoenix. The most important thing we consider in every project is the individuality of each client. As such, we always manage to imbue in our work their preferences in theme, color, and how the overall design will make every aspect of the home or office interact in harmony. Visit our other pages or contact us today for more information on what we can do for you and your lawn, your landscaping and your hardscapes around your homes or offices in Phoenix. Rock & Sod Installation Fertilizing Weed Control Winterization Tree Pruning & Removal Bush Trimming & Hauling Landscape/ Lawn Maintenance Dethatching Aeration Tractor Work High Weed Clearance New Lawn Installation Sprinkler Repair